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Please note that the translation provided below is only provisional translation and therefore does NOT
represent an official document of Republic of Albania. It confers no rights and imposes no obligations
separate from does conferred or imposed by the legislation formally adopted and published in
Albanian language.
Unofficial translation of the consolidated version of the Law 7895, dated 27/01/1995, Criminal Code of
the Republic of Albania. The consolidated version as of December 2013 has been done by PAMECA,
while the two last amendments referred to hereunder have been done by EURALIUS IV.
Amending Law no 98/20141
Amending Law no 176/20142

lista e spiuneve 2022 pdf albanian suspects list pdf

lista e spiuneve pdf
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lista e spiuneve 2022 pdf
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lista e spiuneve 2022
lista e spiuneve pdf
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